Auto Drain Valve AD402-A

・Higher resistance to foreign matter
・Increase in condensate discharge
Drain discharge: Max.100 cm3/cycle (3 times compared with the current model)
・Better environmental resistance: Transparent bowl guard can protect the inner bowl!
・Better visibility: 360°
・reduced the weight by 22%
・Reduced required maintenance space
・Easier maintenance
One-touch mounting and removal of the bowl is possible without using a tool.
・Bowl material can be selected according to the operating environments.
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Other Data
Model Port size Drain discharge port size
AD402-A 1/4, 3/8, 1/2 3/8

Auto Drain Valve AD

・Drainage is automatically discharged.
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Other Data
Model Port size Drain discharge port size
AD402 1/4,3/8,1/2 3/8
AD600 3/4,1 3/4,1


Heavy Duty Auto Drain ADH

・Easy maintenance
Easy to maintain without removing pipes
・Electric power is not required, and the wasting of air can be prevented.
Float type drain allows for automatic draining without electric power
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Other Data
Series Port size Auto drain
ADH4000 1/2 Float type


Motor Operated Auto Drain ADM

・Reliably discharges even highly viscous drainage
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Other Data
Series Power consumption (W) Port size
ADM200 4 IN 3/8,1/2
OUT 3/8


Differential Pressure Gauge GD40

・The pressure differential at the inlet and the outlet of compressed air
equipment can be viewed at a glance on the pressure differential gauge.
It is ideal for the maintenance control of filters.
・Can be installed easily by merely providing a bypass circuit.
・Provided with a protective cover to prevent hazards.
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Other Data
Model Accuracy Scale range
GD40 ±0.006MPa 0 to 0.2MPa